Business Transfers / Transitions


As companies grow and secure more and more market share they begin to realize just how difficult it becomes to continue to grow at the rate that their company goals might require. The sales and marketing techniques used to increase market share in the past have suddenly become much more costly to implement in relation to the percentages of market share that is gained through these techniques. The market has become more saturated with competitors and it continues to become more difficult to grow at rates that are desired. Suddenly, acquisitions, spin-offs, roll-ups and/or mergers begin to make sense. Whatever your choice, we can help determine what is best for your company by providing you with the necessary information and advice to reach an informed decision.


Business Valuation Service
The valuation of a business is a complex process. A detailed analysis of the business being evaluated is required by a professional with an understanding of the principles of business valuation and their practical application to the business being evaluated. One of the important functions of a business valuation is to give proper consideration to the "intangibles" of good will, customer lists, licenses, etc. in determining the total value of the businesses. We have the knowledge and experience needed to provide an accurate evaluation. An evaluation by a professional business consultant will be recognized as being both unbiased and accurate. We can be an expert witness if needed.

You will need an accurate business valuation for evaluating buy / sell agreements, valuating any business opportunity for acquisition, ESOP valuations, securing business loans, deliberations on commercial loan decisions, accurate determination of net worth, IRS business value verifications / disputes, business acquisitions, business divestitures, corporate "spin-off" divestitures, business expansions, estate planning – gifting, insurance value, condemnation value, dividing business assets due to divorce settlements, dividing assets due to partnership separation, public offering, determination of minority interest value and determination of control interest value.


Consulting Services
Unlike many of the big name, big volume, publicly-held consulting firms, The TASCON Group is spearheaded by its founder, Theodore A. See, who believes that business should practice preventive medicine, rather than having to resort to radical emergency treatment. The TASCON Group's motto is "action, not reaction." We believe in annual checkups at a reasonable fee. Nothing is of value until the value is realized, and we must prove our point that there are potential trouble spots that management should be aware of and encouraged to act on immediately. It is the only profitable way to take advantage of consulting services.

No one can guarantee profitability but we do know that successful companies continually review and implement changes in the way they conduct business as their business grows and/or changes. Products change, the scope of work changes, employees change, management changes, clients change, clients needs change, the market changes, the financial climate changes and so on. As an example, let's look at franchise companies, the reason for their success rate is simple; they offer and use a proven package of successful policies, procedures and systems that drive their companies. The same is true for all companies; if you do certain things in certain ways, at certain times you will make a profit, if you don't, you won't. Policies, procedures and systems must be reviewed and modified to accommodate change and growth. If they are not, the company will quickly get out of control and profits will suffer.
Even the biggest and most profitable companies are remarkably fragile. Complacency is the enemy of all business. An objective "inside look" at your business is one of the few ways available to you to make sure your company "stays on your profit-track". We at The TASON Group thoroughly understand the corporate implementation of corrective measures brought about through financial, operational and organizational analysis. Call for a “Corporate Physical” today!!